Boulders: Puzzle

The goal of the game is to reach the goal cube in the level with the player cuboid. To do this you can connect the player cuboid with other cubes to help you traverse the level.

You can buy the early access version of Boulders: Puzzle via Humble, , or GameJolt, Steam for Windows or on PlayStore for Android.

How to play

You start with the active player cube which you can roll around the level. To get to unreachable parts you can connect and disconnect with other cubes, use them to figure out how to get to the goal cube to beat the level.


Play official levels or get community made levels for free.

Use the different cubes to our advantage and figure out how to reach the goal cube.

  • Player cuboid is what you control with the aim to reach the goal cube.
  • Player cubes are cubes you can connect to, to make the payer cuboid bigger.
  • The destructor cube will remove and disconnect a part of the player cuboid.
  • The duplicator cube will turn a part of the player cuboid into another duplicator cube.
  • Ground cubes what you can traverse on and use to disconnect parts from the player cuboid.
  • The goal cube is the cube you need to touch with your player cuboid to beat the level.

Try to improve on each level by measuring the following attributes:

  • Moves are how many times you have rolled the player cuboid.
  • Steps is how many times a part of the player cuboid has moved. Having a cuboid with three cubes make one move equals three steps.
  • Time is how fast you reach the goal cube in the level.